Your employee’s health impacts productivity

Cyno offers early detection of employee health issues and provides companies with unique virtual health solutions.

We provide virtual ergonomic services for companies who have a geographically distributed workforce.

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How Virtual Ergonomics Works

1. You submit a request for your employee to be assessed

Whether your employees are remote or in-office, we've got you completely covered. You just let us know by submitting a request, and we take care of the rest.

2. We book an assessment with a virtual ergonomist

We book a time for your employee to see a virtual ergonomist. The virtual ergonomist will submit a clear, readable report and recommend equipment if needed. 

3. We fulfill the equipment order

Once you approve the equipment list, we fulfill all item shipments directly to your employee, so you're not left scrambling.

4. Ensured Satisfaction

It is a waste of money to roll out a wellness strategy if it doesn't solve employees needs at the end of the day. We follow up to make sure it does.

"Extremely efficient and user friendly"

"I find Cyno extremely efficient and user friendly. It took a once time consuming task and changed it to a simple, streamlined, process."

Jessica, Verafin Office Administrator

We provide a wide range of virtual services that we tailor to your company’s needs

Quick Turn-Around

Reports have never come faster. We can have an employee assessed and have a report submitted within 72 hours.


We protect your health data with industry standard encryption algorithms and are compliant with ISO 27002 security standards.

Consistent and Simple Reports

We go to great lengths to ensure that all ergonomic reports that are submitted to a company are the same high quality regardless of the employee’s global location. We are also committed to producing reports that are simple and easy to read for both the employee and the company representative.

Let us handle the admin work

Our platform removes the need of internal administration for organizing the booking and delivery of ergonomic services anywhere in the world, so you save administrative time.

Convenient for your employees

Ergonomic services that are offered in-person can provide inclusivity challenges when the assessment may require the provider to enter an employee’s private workspace either in the office or at home. With our virtual ergonomic services, employees can complete a session at the time, location, and environment of their choosing!

Cyno connects employers with the ergonomics expertise and supplies they need to work smarter

Imagine if your employees could see an ergonomics expert on their schedule, whether working remotely or in the office. At Cyno, we make that happen with our secure and private video platform and fulfillment of top-of-the-line equipment delivery.

Wherever your employees work, make sure they will be maximally productive in their space.

Contact us to talk about virtual ergonomics for your employees!

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