Our Values


Respectful Collaboration

At the heart of every successful team is respect. The fabric of our culture is built on the respect of all users, employees, employers, and partners. We may at times disagree, but we will always respect each other as we work together to improve our company.


Uncompromised Integrity

We will not compromise our integrity in exchange for a better bottom line. Every decision that we make is evaluated by the measuring sticks of honesty, trust, and support.


Drive to Learn and Innovate

We are a solution focused company. We wholly support our employees and partners to have the freedom to identify challenges and find unique and disruptive solutions. We are obsessed with refining, altering, and improving our product to the betterment of our users.


Family, Health, Fun!

Work isn’t everything. We place great value on the key aspects of life that exist outside of the parameters of the job. We promote a supportive culture which allows for the seamless integration of work-life balance.


Fearless Communication

We are committed to open and honest communication between employees, employers, and clients. Voicing constructive and respectful opinions, without the fear of retaliation, is the only way we will all improve together.

Our Team

Peter Barbour

Founder and CEO

Josh Dyck

CTO and Security Officer

Joni Barbour

Privacy Officer

Benjamin Scholtens

Lead Developer and Graphic Designer

Nicole Hollohan

Customer Support Lead

Henrique Lima

Full-stack Developer

Brent Marsh

Business Development

Brendan Barritt

Business Development

Melissa Parrott

Business Development


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