August 5, 2020

Securely contact clients outside of a session

If you want to contact a client outside of an actual video consult, you can use the Alert feature. 

Why would you want to alert a client? 

There are many reasons you might want to alert a client, but here's some of the most common:

  • You need to gather some crucial information from a client before a session, such as their health card number, insurance information, or more detail about their specific pain point so you can be properly prepared.
  • You need to cancel a session or you want to request a client to rebook the session for a later time. When plans need to change, communicating with your client can help provide them with a positive experience so they are more likely to book again.
  • You need to alert a client about something they need to bring with them to their session, whether that's a document, a piece of information, or a physical prop. Helping your clients be prepared for your session is key to ensuring a successful service.

How do I alert a client on Cyno?

Once a client has booked with you, you can view the service detail page for their upcoming booking, where you can see the chat window, service details, and any video consults the service includes.

In the chat window on the service detail page, there is a "plus" button next to the message field. If you click this plus you can choose from several options, and one of these is the "Alert" option.

After clicking to add an alert, the message field will be bordered with yellow, so you know you are about to send an immediate SMS alert to the client.

After hitting send, a confirmation dialogue will pop up, confirming you want to send this alert.

After you hit "Send," the message will be sent to the client's mobile phone.

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