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Open up to a client base of thousands of employees and extend your impact!

  • Simple platform
  • Integrate your Google Calendar to fill in the gaps of your current practice
  • Our support team will guide you to success

We are looking for providers in many fields...

Natural Wellness


Mental Wellness

Financial Wellness

Social Wellness


Injury Rehab

and more!

Provider FAQ

What type of services can I offer?

Cyno is a marketplace and, consequently, we are open to offering a variety of services. If you are competent and qualified to provide a service, and it supports our company mission, we are happy to have a conversation about any service you would like to provide.

When I provide services on Cyno, am I an employee of Cyno?

No. Providers who provide services on Cyno are not employees of Cyno, but rather independent contractors. This could be in the form of being self-employed or providing services through an incorporated entity. Many providers treat Cyno as an extension of their own practice where they can help clients they normally would not have access to serving.

How much can I make by providing services on Cyno?

Providers offer services on Cyno for many reasons: full-time, part-time, filling gaps in clinic schedules, or as a side gig to their full-time job. Consequently, the pay will vary significantly depending on how many hours you make available and the service type you choose to offer. There are providers on Cyno making over $4000/mo on a consistent basis.

How am I paid?

Provider’s invoice Cyno through our automatic invoicing system on a monthly basis. On the first day of every month, providers may login to Cyno and approve their previous months invoice. There are net 30-days payment terms from the date of invoice approval.

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