May 26, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new invoice-generation feature for providers on Cyno.

Select Session Analytics & Invoicing from the top-right drop-down menu

Forget about sitting down at the end of the month and tallying up all the services you’ve completed. We’ve now added 100% transparency and automation to this process, so you can simply view your monthly invoice, download a copy, and then “Approve” it for Cyno’s accounting team.

You can also send questions or comments to accounting with an invoice reference so we can follow up and address any discrepancies.

Send questions to Cyno’s accounting team regarding specific invoice periods

In order to review your activity for a given time period, you can use the Provider Service Activity table (found just below the invoices table).

View all your provider service activity

Note: Only payable sessions will show up on your invoice. You cannot approve an invoice until the invoice period (the current month) is complete.

Each booking on your Provider Service Activity table has a status. Here’s what each of those statuses means:

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