September 14, 2020

Broadening our Perspective on Mental Wellbeing

According to the World Health Organization, mental wellness is a state of wellbeing, in which you can:

  1. Realize your own abilities
  2. Cope with the normal stresses of life
  3. Work productively and fruitfully
  4. Make a contribution to your community

At Cyno, you can pursue mental wellness with all of the resources you need right at your fingertips.

Check out the services below to see how each one contributes to overall mental wellness:

The Benefits of Nutrition on Mental Wellness

Certain foods trigger the release of helpful brain chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. But food can also have an immediate impact on your mood, because it turns out that 90% of serotonin (sometimes called the happy chemical) receptors are located in the gut.

The Benefits of Physical Fitness on Mental Wellness

Fitness can have a major impact on mental well-being. For example one study found that "running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%".

Whether you need a fitness plan or a personal coaching session, Cyno's fitness providers are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Why try to get fit or stay fit by yourself when you can get the benefits of face-to-face instruction, accountability, and strategy that our fitness experts can provide?

Meditation and Mental Wellness

Meditation has shown time and again its powerful ability to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, and improve focus. One Harvard study shows it takes as little as eight weeks of practicing meditation to not only reduce stress but also to begin rewiring your brain to be less stressed in general.

Improving Mental Wellness through Yoga

Yoga is an effective way to get into better shape and reduce stress all at once. Some studies have found yoga practice to result in a 12.9% reduction in stress, a 32% decrease in the time taken to fall asleep, and a 20% increase in feeling rested in the morning. 

Speaking to a Mental Wellness Counsellor

Last, but certainly not least, mental wellness counsellors are certified to help you identify how best to make progress toward creating a life of wellness.

If you want to learn more about Cyno's employee wellness plan

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