August 4, 2020

Save time by integrating your Cyno account with Google Calendar

Keeping track of bookings on more than one calendar at a time can be a huge headache. When a client books on one calendar, you have to remember to block off time on the other calendar so that you don't get double booked.

Sometimes it seems like the only way to make it all work is to just dedicate certain times of day to certain clinics or platforms. 

We know how much of a pain this can be, so we found a solution.

The benefit of integrating with Google Calendar: connect all your calendars in one place

The biggest reason to integrate your Cyno account with Google is that Google Calendar can already connect with so many other calendar services. 

When you integrate with Google Calendar, you suddenly gain the ability to connect your Cyno schedule with almost any other calendar or booking service you might already use.

In short, Google acts like a one-stop scheduling/booking/calendar hub, and it's completely free!

How does Cyno–Google integration work?

When you integrate with Google, your Google calendar will be able to see when you have a Cyno booking (note: no personal health information is ever shared with Google).

The moment you integrate, all Cyno bookings made after that point will show up in Google.

(Existing Cyno bookings will not be visible in Google—when you first integrate you will have to manually add these time blocks to your Google Calendar.)

Bookings made on the Cyno platform block off the respective time in your Google calendar.

if you have another calendar service that also integrates with Google it should be able to detect that you are busy during a time slot due to an actual Cyno booking. 


Before showing a time slot as available, Cyno first checks to see if Google is open during that time. So if your calendar software shares with Google when you are busy, then you will be able to leave your availability open on Cyno confident that you won’t risk being double-booked.

How do I integrate Cyno and Google Calendar?

Integrating Cyno with Google is easy. Once you are logged in to your provider account, you will see a "Connect with Google Calendar" button on your availability page.

Press your name to open the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen.

  1. Press your name to open the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select "Edit Availability" to view your availability settings.
  3. Press the "Connect with Google Calendar" button and follow the prompts in the pop-up window. 

Note: you must allow all requested permissions in order to integration to work. Cyno is HIPAA-compliant when integrated with Google using these permissions.

Use the "Connect with Google Calendar" button to integrate Cyno and Google Calendar.

How do I integrate my own booking software with Google or Cyno?

Whatever you booking software is, it likely has some options for integrating with Google Calendar—and by integrating with Google you will be integrating with Cyno.

If you need help getting your calendar system to communicate properly with Google and Cyno, please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form.

Note: some third-party calendars do not read information from your Google calendar (they have a "one-way sync" and not a "two-way sync"). In this case, you will still enjoy some benefit from using Google and Cyno together, but you will still have to keep track of at least two calendars (Google's and your third-party calendar). If you have any questions please comment below or get in touch via our contact page.

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