September 11, 2020

When to Change your Contact Information on Cyno

Whenever you book a session on Cyno, you get reminders and other notifications (such as a receipt) sent to your email and/or your phone number as a text message.

These notifications are important for you to keep track of purchases (or simply bookings, if you're on a corporate plan), and they also remind you when a booked session is about to happen!

If your contact information changes, you will need to update your information in your Cyno profile.  

Another reason you might want to change your email or phone number is if you have a corporate plan, have signed up with your corporate email (the typical case), but your employer technically has access to your email account or phone.

We can send you secure mail, but we have no control over somebody else going into your email or phone and reading it.

Fortunately, if somebody else has access to your email or phone, you can change both of these settings after signing up on Cyno, to ensure that your email and phone notifications are not accessible to anyone else.

Steps to Changing your Contact Information

Step 1: Log in to Cyno and navigate to the "Account Editor" using the top-right dropdown menu

Click on "Account Editor" in the top-right dropdown menu

Step 2: Modify the fields you want to change

Modify your information in the Account Editor

When you change your email address you are prompted to verify using a code sent to the new email address. 

Click your email address to change your email

Verify your new email address by entering the emailed code

Note: Changing your email changes your login username!
(your password remains the same)

Likewise, when you change your phone number, you are prompted to verify using a texted 6-digit verification code.

Click your phone number to change your number

Verify your new phone number by entering the texted code

If you want to change your security question, you will be prompted to verify your identity with your phone or email.

Click on "Account Editor" in the top-right dropdown menu

Step 3: Don't forget to hit "Update" at the bottom if applicable.

Click on "Account Editor" in the top-right dropdown menu


If you are having trouble changing any of your contact information, please reach out to support@cyno.ca for more help!

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