Extend the reach of
your clinic

Expand your clinic services in a simple and convenient way.

We already work with some of the best

It’s easy to grow your clinic

Service a larger geography

With virtual health care services, your clinic can now services clients who live greater distances away from your physical clinic location.

Make healthcare easily accessible

Clients can find it challenging to attend appointments during the week due to busy schedules and poor weather. Why not give the option for virtual home or office treatments?

Attract new business

Once a clinic starts to use the Cyno telehealth platform, they have the option to become a part of Cyno healthcare network and receive telehealth referrals from corporate employee health & wellness programs.

More lifestyle flexibility for providers

Currently providers are limited to work only in the clinic office setting. With telehealth services, they will have the flexibility to service their clients from anywhere in the world!

Bring your clinic to the 21st Century

Full administrative portal
Live video sessions
Easy booking system
Chat messaging
Document and video sharing
Secure and encrypted

Extend the Reach of
your Clinic

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