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Who is using Cyno?

Holistic Employee Wellness

In Remote and Hybrid working environments, companies need a comprehensive employee wellness solution that will meet their health needs both in the office and at home.

The answer to employee wellness is not determined by one solution, rather the combination of many solutions.

The answer is Cyno.

Cyno is a Corporate wellness platform that focuses on improving all aspects of employee health.

Benefits of using Cyno


Increase employee productivity with healthier and happier employees

Employee Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is achieved through a holistic multifaceted approach which can be found through Cyno

Decrease Absenteeism

If employees are mentally and physical healthy, they are much less likely to miss work due to illness and injury

Low HR Administration

Cyno provides easy on-boarding of employees with ongoing support and quarterly usage reports

Employee Socialization

Employees can join each other in a virtual group events and experience them together

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