What is Cyno?

Cyno is a virtual healthcare platform that connects providers and clients. Clients search for and book providers on the Cyno marketplace, and providers fulfill services using Cyno's secure and encrypted video, messaging, and document-sharing interface. 

Person looking at tablet browsing Cyno Marketplace with legs on table

At Cyno, our mission is to make healthcare convenient and accessible for everyone. 

Live video sessions

Secure chat messaging

Document, image, video sharing

Secure and encrypted

Growing selection of providers

  • Mental Wellness Counselling
  • Virtual Ergonomic Services
  • Injury Rehabilitation Assessments
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guidance
  • Natural Health Services
  • Financial Wellness Services
  • And more . . .

Some of the companies we work with

Why choose Cyno?


Getting virtual healthcare services has never been easier. With Cyno, you book when you want to, where you want to.


Getting to your service providers can be difficult, and there's little more frustrating than knowing what you need and not being able to get to it because of time constraints, parking, weather, etc. Cyno makes it easy to connect with top providers online, so you experience better access, whatever is going on.

Security & Privacy

Cyno complies with national and international security and privacy standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, so you know your data is protected by the industry standards.

Choose Your Providers

Cyno makes it easy to connect with the providers you trust. Our marketplace is not just for you to find services; it's for you to find the providers you want to work with.

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